Microsoft Prometheus

Prometheus is a proprietary technology from Microsoft that uses Bing and GPT to generate responses based on real-time data.

About Microsoft Prometheus

Microsoft's new Bing leverages real-time information and OpenAI's next-gen GPT model to generate responses. The conjunction of those elements is the key to Microsoft's proprietary tech called Prometheus.

Microsoft was shown a demonstration of OpenAI's GPT model in the summer of 2022. The model shown to Microsoft was significantly more powerful than GPT-3.5, which is what powers the version of ChatGPT currently available to the public. The power of the demoed model drove Microsoft to find ways to integrate GPT into Bing.

One of the limitations of Large Language Models (LLMs) is that they are trained on a finite set of data. Specifically, LLMs often study data up to a certain point in time. That makes them useful for some use cases but prevents them from being an option for content based on real-time data. Microsoft overcame this limitation with Prometheus, which uses Bing data and GPT to generate answers quickly while still using up-to-date information.


(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Prometheus screenshots

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