Bing Search + ChatGPT

ChatGPT integrated with Bing search

About Bing Search + ChatGPT

Microsoft is planning to launch a version of Bing that uses ChatGPT and possibly GPT-4 to answer search queries. The Information reports that Microsoft hopes to launch the new feature before the end of March in a bid to make Bing more competitive with Google.

By using the technology behind ChatGPT — which is built by AI company OpenAI — Bing could provide more humanlike answers to questions instead of just links to information.

Microsoft’s use of ChatGPT-like functionality could help Bing rival Google’s Knowledge Graph, a knowledge base that Google uses to serve up instant answers that are regularly updated from crawling the web and user feedback.


Update: On 4 February, 2023 an early development project of the upcoming version was pushed live by accident.

Bing Search + ChatGPT screenshots

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