GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover

Rewrite and add to your job descriptions with OpenAI's GPT-3

About GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover

Need creative ideas for job descriptions? Using OpenAI's GPT-3 technology, Dover built a fun, free tool to rewrite and add to your standard JD. The results range from spot on suggestions to goofy twists that get the creative juices flowing!

About Dover

Dover operates by partnering with companies to source and screen candidates according to the company’s current hiring needs. Their services include job description consultation, applicant tracking system integration, and candidate profiling based on first-hand account. Dover aims to provide its services for high-growth startups, with past client examples such as AnchorFree, Forge, and Pixlee. With Pixlee, Dover helped the hiring process for software engineering roles through increasing the quantity and quality of its candidate pipeline by proactively engaging the candidates.

GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover screenshots

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