Discord Clyde

Clyde is designed to help friends hang out on Discord powered by ChatGPT OpenAI

About Discord Clyde

On Discord, you can use AI to supercharge your conversation with friends – you can brainstorm together, create together, make memes together. It’s both entertainment and utility, fun and informative.

However, “tons of people use AI on Discord” might not be news to you: more than 30 million people already use AI apps on Discord every month. Midjourney’s server is the biggest on Discord, with more than 13 million members bringing their imaginations to pixels.

Clyde is coming to (artificially intelligent) life, natively within Discord, using OpenAI technology. Clyde can now answer questions and have extended conversations with you and your friends. Just by typing @Clyde in a server, you can chat with Clyde in any channel. You can even have Clyde start a thread for a group of your friends to hang out. Clyde can recommend playlists, and access GIFs and emojis like any Discord user.

Clyde is designed to help friends hang out, with a privacy-first and optional-only approach. While the AI features use OpenAI technology, OpenAI may not use Discord user data to train its general models,

The Clyde chatbot will be free for Discord users during a public experiment in a very limited number of servers with Discord alpha users next.

Source: https://discord.com/blog/ai-on-discord-your-place-for-ai-with-friends

Discord Clyde screenshots

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