AI Buddy

Talk to GPT-3 powered AI via WhatsApp

About AI Buddy

AI Buddy uses GPT-3 to hold a pretty decent conversation (Users have to bring their own OpenAI keys). It holds a memory of last 5 conversations currently.

Few planned improvements in near future.

  • Running this for WhatsApp is a bit expensive for both the maker and the users), So the next plan is built this for telegram.
  • Let users choose different personas for the AI.
  • Let users choose how much conversation memory they want the bot to hold for them(more memory means more tokens means bigger bill from OpenAI)
  • Let users bring in their own data to fine-tune GPT-3 for a custom bot. For example, a bot trained on a writer's work or even your own.

A product by FortyTwoAI

The maker can hook people up with some codes to try it out: just drop an email at

AI Buddy screenshots