Codex CLI

CLI tool that uses Codex to turn natural language commands into their Bash/ZShell/PowerShell equivalents

About Codex CLI

This project uses GPT-3 Codex to convert natural language commands into commands in PowerShell, Z shell and Bash.

The Command Line Interface (CLI) was the first major User Interface we used to interact with machines. It's incredibly powerful, you can do almost anything with a CLI, but it requires the user to express their intent extremely precisely. The user needs to know the language of the computer.

With the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs), particularly those that have been trained on code, it's possible to interact with a CLI using Natural Language (NL). In effect, these models understand natural language and code well enough that they can translate from one to another.

This project aims to offer a cross-shell NL->Code experience to allow users to interact with their favorite CLI using NL. The user enters a command, like "what's my IP address", hits Ctrl + G and gets a suggestion for a command idiomatic to the shell they're using. The project uses the GPT-3 Codex model off-the-shelf, meaning the model has not been explicitly trained for the task. Instead we rely on a discipline called prompt engineering to coax the right commands from Codex.

Codex CLI is created by the team at Microsoft.

Codex CLI pricing

Codex CLI is free and open-source.

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