Wu Dao 1.0 (Enlightment 1.0)

China’s first homegrown super-scale intelligent model system

About Wu Dao 1.0 (Enlightment 1.0)

In a bid to promote the research and development of China’s own large-scale pretraining models and further explore universal intelligence from a more fundamental perspective, the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) recently unveiled Wu Dao 1.0, China’s first homegrown super-scale intelligent model system. It has achieved GPT-3 comparable performance on 20 Chinese NLP tasks such as open-domain answering, grammar correction, sentiment analysis, etc.

Wu Dao – Wen Yuan is China’s largest-ever pretraining language model, boasting the best processing power in mainstream languages, including Chinese and English. It has surpassed average human performance benchmarks on text categorization, sentiment analysis, natural language inference, reading comprehension and more. The Wu Dao – Wen Yuan project is designed to explore universal natural language understanding (NLU) techniques and study brain-inspired language models. It has 2.6 billion parameters and is capable of performing cognitive activities such as memorization, comprehension, retrieval, numerical calculation, multi-language, etc.

Read the full article at https://syncedreview.com/2021/03/23/chinas-gpt-3-baai-introduces-superscale-intelligence-model-wu-dao-1-0/

The original Chinese article https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/9a8CV0OMWE3sb1gQNp4ifg

Wu Dao 1.0 (Enlightment 1.0) screenshots

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