Robo Rabbi

An AI built for Rosh Hashanah using GPT-3

About Robo Rabbi

The goal of the project aside from emphasizing prosocial algorithms and shifting perceptions on AI in general.

The project also aims to enhance participants’ understanding and closeness with Judaism through a personal delivery of such content – Robo Rabbi’s daily challenges are prefaced with a short summary of part of the receiving user’s birth parsha. The challenge he then presents is inspired by his take-aways from that segment of the user’s parsha.

The importance of prosocial algorithms like Robo Rabbi

It is of utmost importance to use AI for personal and religious objectives like the prosocial objectives of the The Rosh Hashanah Challenge so that we can direct AI’s enormous power towards the betterment of people and society at large.


Michael Fischer, a Ph.D. student at Stanford studying Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, and Lior Cole, a junior Information Science student at Cornell, created a AI project for Rosh Hashanah, calling it “Robo Rabbi.”


Robo Rabbi screenshots

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