Roblox GPT-3

A Roblox game that leverages GPT-3

About Roblox GPT-3

A Roblox experience that demonstrates some capabilities of GPT (GPT-3 now, and GPT-4 when available). Here is a let's play video of this application by Dr. Alan D. Thompson.

Roblox GPT-3 features

Game consists of

  • one Player
  • an NPC named Admiral that carries a conversation as if she were Admiral Grace Hopper
  • an NPC named Stacker that retrieves and stacks blocks, and puts them away again.
  • six block pads, each with its own color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • six blocks, each with its own corresponding color (same colors as pads) a base on which the blocks may be stacked on top of each other

Roblox GPT-3 screenshots

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