An optimized method for pretraining self-supervised NLP systems

About RoBERTa

RoBERTa builds on BERT’s language masking strategy, wherein the system learns to predict intentionally hidden sections of text within otherwise unannotated language examples. RoBERTa, which was implemented in PyTorch, modifies key hyperparameters in BERT, including removing BERT’s next-sentence pretraining objective, and training with much larger mini-batches and learning rates. This allows RoBERTa to improve on the masked language modeling objective compared with BERT and leads to better downstream task performance. We also explore training RoBERTa on an order of magnitude more data than BERT, for a longer amount of time. We used existing unannotated NLP datasets as well as CC-News, a novel set drawn from public news articles.

RoBERTa is developed by Facebook AI.


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