Philosopher AI

GPT-3-powered philosopher persona

About Philosopher AI

Philosopher AI is a GPT-3 based pocket philosopher.

This is an experiment in what one might call "prompt engineering", which is a way to utilize GPT-3, a neural network trained and hosted by OpenAI.

GPT-3 is a language model. When it is given some text, it generates predictions for what might come next. It is remarkably good at adapting to different contexts, as defined by a prompt (in this case, hidden), which sets the scene for what type of text will be generated.

Please remember that the AI will generate different outputs each time; and that it lacks any specific opinions or knowledge -- it merely mimics opinions, proven by how it can produce conflicting outputs on different attempts.

Philosopher AI features

  • Ask any questions, no filters
  • Free forever
  • Load an infinite amount of response

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Philosopher AI screenshots

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