Let AI produce documents for you on any subject you choose with just a few taps of your device.

About Perxeive

Perxeive uses the OpenAI GPT-3 model to generate documents.

Generating a document is as simple as swiping right on a search result. The underlying AI model will then generate the suggested headings for up to five sections in your document. You can edit the section headings to fit the document to your precise needs. One more tap and the AI model generates your document, including a TL;DR summary and references to the original source web site.

Documents can be exported to any relevant app that you have installed on your device or shared via Airdrop to another device. The document can be copied into apps such as Pages or Word or shared directly into apps including Notes, OneNote and Evernote. Slack, Teams and other collaboration and messaging applications can be used for sharing as well as social media such as LinkedIn. Emailing or saving to your files are also options.

Perxeive screenshots

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