Muse is an API that accesses VLM-4, a set of natively trained large Language Models in French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English.

About Muse

Like all Large Language Models, LightOn’s VLM-4 models are part of a new generation of AI for NLP that is revolutionizing the way business and science are being conducted. LightOn goes a step further by being the first company to publicly commercialize an API that accesses Large Language Models natively trained in European languages other than English. Muse users can now perform a large variety of text-related tasks directly in the language of their choice and avoid the hassle and complexity of a combination of English-only Large Language Models and costly translation APIs.

Key features of the LightOn Muse API include:

  • business-ready intelligence primitives such as best in class summarization, steerable generation, text classification and search are accessible in just a few lines of code,
  • access to VLM-4, a suite of powerful and unique foundation language models trained on civilization scale high-quality curated data,
  • access to natively trained in many languages starting with French, English, German, Spanish and Italian – with more languages coming soon.
  • simplicity of use: Muse makes state-of-the-art language models directly actionable to any developers who are not specialists in AI or NLP.

Muse screenshots

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