Microsoft JARVIS

JARVIS, a system to connect LLMs

About Microsoft JARVIS

Language serves as an interface for LLMs to connect numerous AI models for solving complicated AI tasks.

Microsoft introduce a collaborative system that consists of an LLM as the controller and numerous expert models as collaborative executors (from HuggingFace Hub). The workflow of the system consists of four stages:

  • Task Planning: Using ChatGPT to analyze the requests of users to understand their intention, and disassemble them into possible solvable tasks.
  • Model Selection: To solve the planned tasks, ChatGPT selects expert models hosted on Hugging Face based on their descriptions.
  • Task Execution: Invokes and executes each selected model, and return the results to ChatGPT.
  • Response Generation: Finally, using ChatGPT to integrate the prediction of all models, and generate responses.

Microsoft JARVIS screenshots

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