A method to "fix" GPT-3 After Deployment with user interaction

About MemPrompt

MemPrompt maintains a memory of errors and user feedback, and uses them to prevent repetition of mistakes.

Language models, which are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems designed to process and understand natural language, have the potential to transform various fields and industries. However, these models can sometimes produce errors or biased results based on the data they are trained on. In order to improve the performance and accuracy of language models, researchers at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) have developed a new approach called MemPrompt, which combines a language model called GPT-3 with a memory of recorded events. This allows users to give feedback to the model when it misinterprets their intentions, helping to clarify the desired task and improve the model's understanding. MemPrompt also allows non-experts to provide input and evaluate the model's understanding based on their expectations. Overall, this approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of language models by incorporating user interaction and feedback.


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