Magic Write by Canva

Generate text from Canva with GPT-3

About Magic Write by Canva

Canva has embedded an AI writing assistant built on GPT-3 named Magic Write into its new Canva Docs service. Magic Write brings the generative text engine to the media-centric document creator. Canva’s adoption of GPT-3 follows the rise in enterprise applications OpenAI’s models, especially after it lowered GPT -3’s prices.

Canva Docs is a visual-first document creator that allows you to design documents supercharged with videos, images, graphics, charts, and graphs.

It takes a graphical approach to document creation, and Magic Write is built for quickly producing meeting agendas, marketing strategies, and other presentational documents that incorporate visuals. Users can write a prompt for the document and generate a useful template or adjust the written text for a different format, such as translating a block of text into bullet points or shortening a document by paraphrasing. Those struggling with coming up with ideas can also prompt the AI to offer suggestions based on vague notions or themes.


Magic Write by Canva screenshots

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