Easily migrate your codebase from one language to another

About GPT-Migrate

If you've ever faced the pain of migrating a codebase to a new framework or language, this project is for you.

Migration is a costly, tedious, and non-trivial problem. Do not trust the current version blindly and please use it responsibly. Please also be aware that costs can add up quickly as GPT-Migrate is designed to write (and potentially re-write) the entirety of a codebase.

However, with the collective brilliance of the OSS community and the current state of LLMs, it is also a very tractable problem.

GPT-Migrate helps you migrate your codebase from one language or framework to another. Imagine:

◐ a Flask API -> FastAPI or Node.js ◑ ◐ a React Native app -> Swift/Android ◑ ◐ a Vue frontend -> Typescript + Next.js ◑

...all in just a few minutes ⚡️

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