GPT Index

An index created by GPT to organize external information and answer queries

About GPT Index

GPT Index is a project consisting of a set of data structures designed to make it easier to use large external knowledge bases with LLMs. GPT Index helps to provide the following advantages:

  • Remove concerns over prompt size limitations.
  • Abstract common usage patterns to reduce boilerplate code in your LLM app.
  • Provide data connectors to your common data sources (Google Docs, Slack, etc.).
  • Provide cost transparency + tools that reduce cost while increasing performance.

Each data structure offers distinct use cases and a variety of customizable parameters. These indices can then be queried in a general purpose manner, in order to achieve any task that you would typically achieve with an LLM:

  • Question-Answering
  • Summarization
  • Text Generation (Stories, TODO's, emails, etc.)
  • and more!

GPT Index screenshots

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