Excel Formula Bot

AI for Excel & Google Sheets

About Excel Formula Bot

It’s a plugin both for Excel and Google Sheets that lets you enter a text instruction and convert it to a formula. It also works the other way – by explaining complex formula in plain English.

You can use it as an add-in or as a web-based dashboard. They let you run five queries for free each month but additional queries require a monthly subscription.

Excelformulabot uses GPT-3 AI technology which is a neural network machine learning technology developed from billions of data points. They boast that the tool has 97% accuracy and supports multiple languages. It also works with older versions of Excel.

Excel Formula Bot features

It includes the following for Excel & Google Sheets:

  • Formula generator
  • Basic task generator for steps on non-formula related requests
  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code generator for programmers looking to automate repetitive tasks
  • Add-ons to use our generators within your spreadsheet

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