AI Stock Researcher

Auto-generate stock fundamental analysis with GPT-3

About AI Stock Researcher

This video tutorial walks you through the AI-Stock Researcher application step by step.

Fundamental analysis of publicly listed companies that goes through millions and millions of transactions through stock exchanges is a really tough task, it is not a structured number of steps that need to be taken to come up with a conclusive study. Every company is unique in terms of its fundamental values and culture, every chart its own mission and vision and try sticking to that.

Now, according to the very popular Efficient Market Hypothesis (EHA), the market value of any company at a given time is reflective of all the information that’s out there in the universe. Considering that is the case, then it will impossible for both the individual and the institutional investors to consistently generate alpha (α).

The tutorial uses the following stack:

  • FastAPI
  • Streamlit
  • GPT-3


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