The Pile

An 800GB Dataset of Diverse Text for Language Modeling

About The Pile

The Pile is a 825 GiB, diverse, open source language modelling data set developed by EleutherAI that consists of many smaller datasets combined together. The objective is to obtain text from as many modalities as possible to ensure that models trained using The Pile will have much broader generalization abilities.

Why is the Pile a good training set?

Recent work has shown that especially for large models, diversity in data sources improves general cross-domain knowledge of the model, as well as downstream generalization capability. In our evaluations, not only do models trained on the Pile show moderate improvements in traditional language modeling benchmarks, they also show significant improvements on Pile BPB.

ComponentRaw SizeWeightEpochsEffective SizeMean Document Size
Pile-CC227.12 GiB18.11%1.0227.12 GiB4.33 KiB
PubMed Central90.27 GiB14.40%2.0180.55 GiB30.55 KiB
Books3100.96 GiB12.07%1.5151.44 GiB538.36 KiB
OpenWebText262.77 GiB10.01%2.0125.54 GiB3.85 KiB
ArXiv56.21 GiB8.96%2.0112.42 GiB46.61 KiB
Github95.16 GiB7.59%1.095.16 GiB5.25 KiB
FreeLaw51.15 GiB6.12%1.576.73 GiB15.06 KiB
StackExchange32.20 GiB5.13%2.064.39 GiB2.16 KiB
USPTO Backgrounds22.90 GiB3.65%2.045.81 GiB4.08 KiB
PubMed Abstracts19.26 GiB3.07%2.038.53 GiB1.30 KiB
Gutenberg (PG-19)10.88 GiB2.17%2.527.19 GiB398.73 KiB
OpenSubtitles12.98 GiB1.55%1.519.47 GiB30.48 KiB
Wikipedia (en)6.38 GiB1.53%3.019.13 GiB1.11 KiB
DM Mathematics7.75 GiB1.24%2.015.49 GiB8.00 KiB
Ubuntu IRC5.52 GiB0.88%2.011.03 GiB545.48 KiB
BookCorpus26.30 GiB0.75%1.59.45 GiB369.87 KiB
EuroParl4.59 GiB0.73%2.09.17 GiB68.87 KiB
HackerNews3.90 GiB0.62%2.07.80 GiB4.92 KiB
YoutubeSubtitles3.73 GiB0.60%2.07.47 GiB22.55 KiB
PhilPapers2.38 GiB0.38%2.04.76 GiB73.37 KiB
NIH ExPorter1.89 GiB0.30%2.03.79 GiB2.11 KiB
Enron Emails0.88 GiB0.14%2.01.76 GiB1.78 KiB
Total1254.20 GiB5.91 KiB


The Pile screenshots

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