Stability AI Open-source Language Models

About StableLM

Stability AI, the company behind the innovative AI image generator Stable Diffusion, is now open-sourcing its language model, StableLM. Rivaling StableLM is designed to compete with ChatGPT’s capabilities for efficiently generating text and code. It is extensively trained on the open-source dataset known as the Pile. It also includes information from various sources such as Wikipedia, Stack Exchange, and PubMed.

Currently, Stability AI offers StableLM models with 3 billion to 7 billion parameters. The company plans to launch models with 15 to 65 billion parameters in the future. The release of the open-source large language models (LLMs) in the StableLM suite is an exciting development for the AI community. Developers can now access and adapt these models on GitHub, enabling a broader range of applications and integrations.


StableLM screenshots

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