Raycast ChatGPT

Interact with OpenAI's ChatGPT right from your command bar

About Raycast ChatGPT

Raycast lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. It’s designed to keep you focused.

Created by Abiel Zulio M

Raycast ChatGPT features

  • Ask anything, from your favourite thing: Straight from your command bar, ask anything that you wanted and get ChatGPT's generated answer without opening any browser app.
  • Well-designed, undistracted: Read through AI-generated answer in a clean and nice-looking markdown view without losing ongoing conversation.
  • Save the answer, for later: Got the answer that you wanted? Great. Now you can save it in your collection locally and here you have it! No need to reask again.
  • Look-up your past, fast: Automatically save all the asked questions and its generated answer locally, so you can go back digging for the answer you're looking for without any internet connection!

Raycast ChatGPT pricing

This extension is free and open-source.

Raycast ChatGPT screenshots

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