The Open-Source Alternative to ChatGPT

About OpenChatKit

The open-source community Together has released the first open-source alternative to ChatGPT, OpenChatKit. The chatbot is based on EleutherAI’s 20 billion parameter language model GPT-NeoX and has been tuned with 43 million instructions for chat use. In the industry-standard HELM benchmark, the chat model outperforms the base model.

OpenChatKit comes with the base bot and the building blocks to create customized chatbot applications from the base.

The kit consists of 4 components:

  • Instruction-tuned large language model that is fine-tuned for a chat from EleutherAI’s GPT-NeoX-20B.
  • Instruction on fine-tuning the model to achieve high accuracy on particular tasks.
  • An extensible retrieval system for updating the bot response using knowledge from Wikipedia, news feeds, or sports scores.
  • Fine-tuned from GPT-JT-6B for moderation purposes to filter out which questions the bot responds to.


OpenChatKit screenshots

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