About Navan

Navan, formerly TripActions, the all-in-one solution that makes travel easy, today announced that it has become the first travel company to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) across its infrastructure and product feature set. Through the OpenAI and ChatGPT APIs, the company is now leveraging the technology in both user-facing features, such as modernizing its contact center, and to optimize efficiencies across its codebase.

Through Ava, Navan’s virtual assistant, travel managers can now personalize recommendations and increase traveler engagement. Admins can ask the tech to perform tasks such as data queries, provide granular carbon emission details, or to order corporate cards; while travelers can ask Ava to solve customer support issues, recommend an Indian restaurant near their hotel in London, provide the weather forecast for an upcoming trip to Chicago, or find the fastest way to get to JFK at 7am.

Navan screenshots

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