A novel, open, & collaborative approach to medical AI research.

About MedARC

Medical AI Research Center (MedARC) was created to develop foundation models for medicine and build interdisciplinary teams to address clinical needs. Our open approach includes sharing models and datasets, publishing results, and building a public community for contributions.

The progress of AI in other fields has had huge leaps, enabled by the training and utilization of large-scale models (>0.5 billion parameters): GPT-3/ChatGPT has near-human performance at various text processing tasks, CLIP has enabled new multi-modal applications, and Stable Diffusion has provided efficient photorealistic text-to-image generation to the masses.

We believe that the research and development of foundation models specific to medical applications shows great promise. Inspired by similar initiatives in other fields (GPT-NeoX-20B, Stable Diffusion, OpenFold, etc.), we establish an open and collaborative research community with access to computational resources and relevant expertise to pursue research on foundation models tailored to the medical domain.

StabilityAI serves as the main partner.


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