A large language model aligned to the medical domain

About Med-PaLM

Google and DeepMind have developed an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot tool called Med-PaLM designed to generate "safe and helpful answers" to questions posed by healthcare professionals and patients.

Only a few short weeks after the release of ChatGPT, Google/DeepMind announced the release of MedPaLM, a large language model specifically designed to answer healthcare-related questions, based on their 540-billion parameter PaLM model.

While ChatGPT is a showcase technology that operates at the consumer end of the LLM scale, Med-PaLM is designed to operate within narrower parameters, and has been trained on seven question-answering datasets spanning professional medical exams, research, and consumer queries about medical matters.

This model was trained on six existing medical Q&A datasets (NedQA, MedMCQA, PubMedQA, LiveQA, MedicationQA, and MMLU), and the developer teams also created their own HealthSearchQA, using questions about medical conditions and the associated symptoms.

At the moment MedPaLM can’t be tested by the general public, but you can read the researcher’s paper here.


Med-PaLM screenshots

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