Interviewing Albert Einstein via GPT-3

Using GPT-3 to generate a fantasy interview with Albert Einstein.

About Interviewing Albert Einstein via GPT-3

Manuel Araoz has been playing on and off with GPT-3 since its launch, because it’s such a cool tech. One of the most interesting uses he encountered is talking with famous dead people. Which inspired him to create an example of a conversation with Albert Einstein. Let me know him you would read a short e-book with 10 similar interviews with historical figures.


He used OpenAI’s API Playground, with a slightly modified version of the Chat example they provide. Given the interview quickly became longer than the maximum number of characters the API allows for each text generation request, he had to remove earlier sections from the prompt as he moved forward and the text grew larger. He found this approach also worked if he wanted to go back and add a question to a previous part of the conversation.

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Interviewing Albert Einstein via GPT-3 screenshots

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