GPT3 Colour Palette Generator

Using GPT-3 to generate a colour palette

About GPT3 Colour Palette Generator

This free Google Sheet script uses GPT-3 AI to generate a colour palette based on any English description.

This script demonstrates the flexibility of OpenAI’s machine learning language model. In this example, colour is treated as a form of language in response to any provided prompt.

You simply type a request into a cell, the script then produces a relevant colour palette with GPT-3 and displays it in the corresponding cells with their hex code values.

If you are lacking inspiration, here are a few example prompts:

  • Arctic winter
  • SaaS website
  • New England
  • Martian Sunset
  • Star Wars
  • Baby Nursery
  • Beyonce

The script is designed to produce a complementary colour palette based on any prompt you provide. Therefore, a prompt of e.g. “shades of blue” won’t necessarily produce only shades of blue as a response. It will also generate palette variations if the same prompt is re-used.

Created by Danny Richman

GPT3 Colour Palette Generator screenshots

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