GPT-3 Facebook Messenger Bot

A connector between OpenAI's GPT-3 and Facebook Messenger.

About GPT-3 Facebook Messenger Bot

This is a Messenger app of Open AI's GPT-3 API

Here is the relevant Facebook application

Web hosting is on a Heroku server with CI/CD pipeline of rebuilding upon pushes to 'main' branch.


  • Requires a Facebook account with administrator access to the Facebook Developer Application (request Flynn for this access -

  • It is coded to be a simple conversation implementation. It will respond to messages one at a time, and can not yet respond to images, links, gifs, or any other type of attachment. This implementation has a 'working memory' of 5 minutes - meaning that if it hasn't received a message within 5 minutes of your previous message, it's memory is wiped. This wiping could be considered as a conversation.


I've stumbled across the adaptor design pattern - which this repository could be considered as (a conversational messenger adaptor for GPT-3)


GPT-3 Facebook Messenger Bot screenshots

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