Deepmind Sparrow AI

A ChatGPT competitor from Google

About Deepmind Sparrow AI

Deepmind founder and CEO Demis Hassabis is raising the prospect to Time Magazine that Deepmind’s chatbot Sparrow will go into “private beta” later this year. This is notable because Deepmind has so far functioned primarily as an AI research institute, developing technologies that Google then integrates into products for consumers.

Sparrow is based on Deepmind’s Chinchilla language model, which has fewer parameters than OpenAIs largest models – but has been trained with a lot of data. The language model, which was introduced in April 2022, outperformed GPT-3 in common language benchmarks. However, ChatGPT is based on the more advanced GPT version 3.5.

In any case, there is good reason to believe that Sparrow would perform similarly or better than ChatGPT – and Google would also have more powerful language models like PaLM up its sleeve.


Deepmind Sparrow AI screenshots

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